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2-(2) North Korea extends 10-year military conscription

Article: Date: November 04, 2014 Summary: North Korea is introducing a voluntary extension of its national service due to a critical shortage of troops in the country, while its mandatory service already stands at 10 years, the longest conscription period in the world. This has not been officially announced yet, but the ruling party is currently encouraging […]


  Speech Link: (Yeonmi Park makes speech at 8:40 and before that is introduction of Yeonmi park made by James Chau, who is a journalist, television presenter, and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador) Her speech is only 7 minutes long so please watch it! Date: October 20, 2014 Summary: in the speech she speaks about her escape […]

1-(3) Park calls for action on North’s rights situation (북한인권문제)

Article: Date: October 1, 2014 Summary: President Park is stressing the importance of tackling North Korea’s dismal human rights record and nuclear program issues, for a bright and peaceful Korean Peninsula. She believes we should not be passive about such issues out of fear of the North’s reaction but rather go forward like the U.S. government: “the […]

1-(2) North sends back man who defected from South

Article: Date: September 12, 2014 Summary: A 52 years old man illegally entered North Korea via a third country and was brought back to the South again through the truce village of Panmunjom at the inter-Korean border. The reason behind his action is the economic hardship. As entering North Korea without permission is violation of the National […]

1-(1) Kim Jong-un gearing up for full-scale war: source (통일대전)

Article: Date: September 16, 2014 Summary: The article reports Kim Jong-un is preparing for a full scale war in 2015 for unification, riling up his military with warlike rhetoric. Two evidences to support Kim’s decisions are three drones found in South Korea and Kim’s conversation with soldiers. In 2014, three drones which belong to North Korea […]