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2-(5) Movie: The Chaser (추격자), 2008

Title: The Chaser (추격자) Released Date: February 14, 2008 Summary: This movie drew a lot of attention at the time of the release as it had one of the famous South Korean criminal, Yoo Young-chul, as the main motif. The realistic and hair raising acting of Ha Joung-Woo, who played the main character, the suspect, was also […]

2-(4) Police chief quits over bungled rescue attempt (오원춘 인육사건)

Article: Date: April 10, 2012 Summary: Commissioner of the National Agency resigned to take responsibility for police’s inability to track down and save a kidnapped victim who called for help before being raped, murdered and dismembered. The police handled the case poorly and a succession of police fumbles and oversights were revealed, alongside with false reports […]

2-(3) Criminal Psychology (범죄심리학)

Web-site: Summary: This is not an article but this time I want to post about criminal psychology, so called 범죄심리학 in Korean, because this is the area that I am interested in when it comes to crime, other than the punishments. Criminal psychology is the study that goes deeply into ‘what makes someone commit a […]


Article (1): Date: November 10, 2011 Summary: This article is about judgments on one of the worst rapists surnamed Cho. He was sentenced to 12 years behind the bars as his intoxicated state was taken into account by the court. On the top of that the appellate division of the Seoul Central District Court ordered Cho to […]

2-(1) COURT’S STRANGE LOGIC (도둑뇌사사건)

Article: Date: October 28, 2014           Summary: This is an editorial article on the current debatable issue; declaration of brain death on a burglar after the beating of a 20-year-old man with very light clothes horse, resulting in 18 months of jail sentence on the young man, not the thief. The topic that […]


As I mentioned earlier I am interested in the topic ‘security’ which is consisted of diverse detailed sectors. So for the remaining half of the semester, I have decided to change one of my passions into CRIME and keep North Korea. One of the most distinct differences between South Korean and Australian education is that […]