2-(5) Movie: The Chaser (추격자), 2008


Title: The Chaser (추격자)

Released Date: February 14, 2008


Summary: This movie drew a lot of attention at the time of the release as it had one of the famous South Korean criminal, Yoo Young-chul, as the main motif. The realistic and hair raising acting of Ha Joung-Woo, who played the main character, the suspect, was also one of the factors that helped his movie to become a box office hit.

Ex-detective pimp Jung-ho is gets angry because his girls keep disappearing without clearing their debts. One night, he gets a call from a customer and he sends Mi-jin. After sending her, Jung-ho realizes the customer’s phone number matches that of the calls he missing girls got last. Feeling suspicious, he starts to search for her. During his search, Jung-ho dents a car in the alley and spots blood splatter on the driver’s shirt. Jung-ho senses the man, Young-min, is the suspect. After an intense chase, Jung-ho finally catches Young-min but they are both taken to the police station. There, Young-min playfully tells the policeman he has killed the missing women and the last girl, Mi-Jin may still be alive. With the police force obsessed with finding the body, Jung-ho is the only one who believes Mi-jin is alive. With only 12 hours left to detain the serial killer without a warrant, Jung-ho’s hunt begins. But he fails to find Mi-jin and the police force fails to find any corpse so Young-min gets released. And while Young-min finds his way back to home, Mi-jin severs a rope and escapes from the house. She goes into a grocery store to hide and make a phone call to the police but she gets killed by Young-min before the police come. (Watch the movie if you are curious how Young-min knew she was hiding in the grocery store! Haha)


More detailed stroy about Yoo Young-chul: This is a grotesque murder case from 2003.09 to 2004.07 committed by a misogynist named Yoo Young-chul. Yoo Young-chul got married in 1991 but got divorced in 2002 due to his wife who unilaterally filed a divorce suit. This was the start of his hate towards women. In December 2003, a woman he was dating dumped him when she knew he is a divorced man. The combination of these factors led him to have indefinite revengeful thoughts towards females and experts believe this is the motive of serial murder.

Yoo Young-chul’s case gave a huge social impact beyond compare any other serial murder cases due to several facts; 1. The victims of his case were mainly focused on elders and females 2. The killings were not for the purpose of a ripoff 3. There was no hatred relationship or discord between the suspect and victims 4. Yoo Young-chul murdered each victim in a same way and atrociously cut the bodies into pieces to bury in secret 5. The suspect had eaten parts of victims’ organs 6. The number of victims is 20 (suspect Yoo said he killed five more but those were not counted as the police could not find the bodies) 7. The offending behavior is drastic but he hardly left any evidence 8. He made his own weapons for murder, such as knife and hammer etc.


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  1. I watched this movie ages ago but I didn’t know that the movie was about Yoo young chul. It was quite creepy and Ha JungWoo’s acting made the movie seem more realistic.

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